Red Tent Women's Circle

Dates for our Red Tent gatherings in 2018


Tuesday 16th of January                8.30-10.30pm

Thursday 15th of Febuary              8.00-10.00pm

Saturday 17th of March                 12noon-2pm

Sunday 15th of April                      TBA



Venue:  Phoenix Cultural Centre in Woking (5 min walk from the station).

 27 Goldsworth Rd, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6JT


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Breaking taboos. Removing shame. Empowering women.

Like any of Red Tent gatherings it is strrickly for femails (although infants in arms and girls from 7 yoa are welcome) and confidential.

Please feel free to invite your girlfriends, mothers, grannies etc, who might be interested in taking part. Sharing is not compulsory.

Hope you can make it.
With love and kindness,

PS by donations


How do I RSVP?


Please reply to the tent on Facebook or email



So, what is a Red Tent I hear you ask and why are you inviting me?


A Red Tent is a monthly meeting place where women come together for mutual support. It is somewhere you can take time out from commitments to family & work and a space where women are empowered to share stories, experiences & skills with women of all ages & backgrounds.


At a Red Tent we, as women, are able take time for ourselves in a circle of women.  By joining a circle each of us can connect with ourselves as women, supporting each other to be more present in our own lives and thereby affect the lives we share with others. Although we meet locally we become connected to a global movement of women creating positive feminine spaces to enrich our lives.


You are being invited because we think that you are someone who would appreciate and enjoy being part of this circle.


What has happened so far with Red Tent Woking and Guildford area?


All Red Tents are unique and are created by and evolve with the shared passion, creativity and energy of the women who make that particular circle on that particular day.  The onus is on a shared and open space and no woman is pushed or cajoled to bring to the circle any more than is comfortable for her. 


We will all be learning together so feel free to bring your suggestions and ideas for anything that you feel could be beneficial. 


What can I expect when I come to this Red Tent?


In a nutshell kindness, laughter, empathy and the shared support of women.


Before the Red Tent officially begins, we will arrange the main space (community room in the bank) with red fabric, candles and flowers, move tables and chairs to the wall. 


At the centre of the circle we will create a Centre Piece (or alter) and invite each woman to bring an object that feels representative to her of her divinity and femininity. 


The Rent Tent is a ritualistic space but the ritual is intended to free us as women rather than to restrict us. Amanjot brings to the tent her yogic practice.  As part of opening the tent Amanjot may intuitively evoke Goddesses to support and guide us and may ask if anyone else would like to evoke any other spirits.  We intend that the tent should be for women of all faiths and none. There is no expectation that any woman is involved in any spiritual practice that is not something that she is entirely happy to be part of. Sometimes Sanscrit tuning-in is performed, which is pronounciation of a mantra 3 times.


Once the tent is open there will be the opportunity to share skills, food, thoughts and ideas in a safe and supportive environment before we return to our busy lives refreshed and renewed by the experience.


Key questions


What should I wear?


Wear clothes in which you are comfortable. If possible wear red but don’t feel any obligation to be or dress as anyone other than yourself.


What should I bring?


Bring something special to you to contribute to the Centre Piece. You will be able to bring this home with you.


Also bring some simple food (vegetarian and allergy friendly where possible) to share. Last tent we had soup, rice salad, samosas, chocolate and cake.


The Red Tent is a not for profit voluntary affair. At the end of the tent small voluntary donations are welcomed to help with costs.


Can I invite other people? 


Yes, you can. Females of all ages are welcome. We especially encourage young girls and elderly as we want to unite females on different phases of lives.


Can I bring my children/pets?


Babies of any gender under 3 are welcome. Sadly bank cannot accommodate pets.


What if I can’t make an Red Tent?


No problem.  Women are able to join, leave and rejoin the tent according to their needs, circumstances and desires.  


How do I RSVP?


Please reply to the tent on Facebook or email


To join our FB group please follow this link



 All that is said inside RT is confidential.

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